Conflict and security: international institutions and international norms


The Postgraduate Network (PGN) presents the second event of our 2021 Conference Series.

This panel addresses the norms and institutions that govern international politics, as well as structuring our study of the discipline. Contributions here include the challenges to established norms in both disciplinary and political terms, as well as how these norms are constructed. Other presentations address how these norms are played out through international institutions. Each speaker approaches the panel from a different sub-field, encouraging us to excavate the linkages and tensions between a wide variety of global norms and institutions.


  • Carolina Pantoliano Panico (University of Auckland) - ' Understanding nuclear resilience in normative terms: the appropriateness of the weapon and the deterrence norm'
  • Ruoxi Wang (University of St Andrews) - 'Constructing a Chinese approach to human protection: a triadic analysis of China’s norm contestation practices of Responsibility to Protect in Myanmar'
  • Claudio Lanza (University of Westminster) - 'The Distinctive Nature of Rivalry: a Mimetic Approach'
  • Feyyaz Baris Celik (University of Kent) - 'The more the merrier? National strategies within the operational overlap between the EU and NATO'


  • Feyyaz Baris Celik (University of Kent)
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