CTS Annual Conference: 20 Years of 'War on Terror'


20 years of 'War on Terror'

This conference reflects on the state of Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) through 20 years of the so-called ‘War on Terror’. After the inception of CTS following the global response to 9/11, a response which has shaped the world in multitudinous ways, its scholars have produced ground-breaking research on political violence and the ways ‘security’ and ‘terrorism’ shape our societies. However, what does CTS look like after nearly two decades? What are the priorities and emerging trends for critical scholars in the field? And what is it missing - does CTS need to integrate alternative or marginalized perspectives, or focus on new topics and themes emerging in IR? This conference will open a space for reflection on the progress and future of CTS, hearing especially from figures central to the field, as well as more recent voices which have been contributing to its development. 

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