Foreign Policy Analysis in the Middle East: Leadership, Threat Perception and Intervention


This first Seminar of our new Foreign Policy Seminar Series delves into one of the chapters of Robert Mason's new textbook New Perspectives on Middle East Politics: Economy, Society and International Relations, published by AUC Press in 2021Dr Mason will discuss the fall and rise of extra-regional international actors with primary reference to the US, Russia, and China, whilst Dr Philipp Casula will provide important historical context on Soviet policy towards the Middle East. Dr Mason will then summarise how transitions at the international level inform Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) calculations amongst some regional actors, with special reference to leadership, threat perception and intervention.   


Dr Robert Mason (Arab Gulf States Institute, Washington)

Dr Philipp Casula (University of Basel)

Coordinator: Dr Marianna Charountaki (University of Lincoln) 

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