BISA 2022 Conference (virtual stream)


Welcome to the event management area for #BISA2022. Here you can view the programme and register for our virtual conference. We look forward to welcoming you at BISA 2022.

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    • 09:00 10:30
      Roundtable / Climate Assemblies, Multi-Level Governance and the Global Climate Crisis Room 1
      Sponsor: Environment Working Group
      Chair: Stephen Elstub (Newcastle University)
      Participants: Naoyuki Mikami (Hokkaido University) , Nadine Andrews (University of Lancaster/ Scottish Government Social Research) , Alice Moseley (University of Exeter) , Oliver Escobar (Edinburgh University) , Jayne Carrick (Newcastle University) , Claire Mellier (OSCA) , Martin King (Northumbria University) , Dmitri Courant (University of Lausanne)
    • 09:00 10:30
      Roundtable / International studies and sustainability: moving beyond economic growth? Room 2
      Sponsor: Review of International Studies (journal editors only)
      Chair: Matthew Paterson (University of Manchester)
      Participants: Matthias Kranke (University of Kassel) , Dahlia Simangan (Hiroshima University) , Jacob Hasselbalch (Copenhagen Business School) , Bentley Allan (John Hopkins University) , Michael Albert (SOAS University of London) , Rajeswari S Raina (Shiv Nadar University)
    • 09:00 10:30
      Roundtable / Is ‘Women, Peace and Security’ shrinking? Room 3
      Sponsor: Gendering International Relations Working Group
      Chair: Columba Achilleos-Sarll (University of Birmingham)
      Participants: Dipti Tamang (Darjeeling Government College,) , Hannah West (Newcastle University) , Rachel Zhou (London School of Economics) , Khushi Singh Rathore (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
    • 09:00 10:30
      Roundtable / Pluriversal Relationality Room 4
      Sponsor: Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group
      Chair: Giorgio Shani (International Christian University)
      Participants: Tamara Trownsell (Independent Scholar) , Anahita Arian (Erfurt) , Giorgio Shani (International Christian University) , Navnita Chadha Behera (Delhi University)
    • 09:00 10:30
      Panel / Politics, strategy and diplomacy in South East Asia Room 5
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Convener: Yi Wang (Waseda University)
      Chair: Yi Wang (Waseda University)
      • Indian Grand Strategy Towards Himalayan States
        Author: Jayant Chandel (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
      • The Politics of Diplomatic Assertiveness in China
        Author: Yi Wang (Waseda University)
      • Global Crises, Regional Solutions: China, India and the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, 1947-1950
        Author: Yui Chim Lo (University of Oxford)
    • 09:00 10:30
      Panel / Securitisation of Refugees and Migrants in the EU Room 6
      Sponsor: International Politics of Migration, Refugees and Diaspora Working Group
      Convener: Christian Kaunert (University of South Wales)
      Chair: Helena Farrand Carrapico (Northumbria University)
      Discussant: Helena Farrand Carrapico (Northumbria University)
      • State-Civil Society Relationship in the Implementation of UNSCR 2242.
        Author: Doris Asante (University of Sydney)
      • The Securitization of refugees and far-right terrorism in the EU
        Author: Christian Kaunert (University of South Wales)
      • Migration management in the EU: The ramifications of borders’ technologisation
        Author: Foteini Kalantzi (UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD)
      • The Diplomacy of Forced Migration
        Authors: Fiona Adamson (SOAS, University of London)* , Gerasimos Tsourapas (University of Glasgow) , Kelly Greemhill (Tufts University)*
    • 10:45 12:15
      Panel / BRISMES panel: International Relations of the Middle East Room 1
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Conveners: Marianna Charountaki (University of Lincoln) , Teodora Todorova (University of Warwick)
      Chair: Teodora Todorova (University of Warwick)
      Discussant: Matteo Lengrenzi (Ca' Foscari University)
      • Towards an International Relations of the Middle East: Derivative Discourses or Decolonial Departures?
        Author: Simon Obendorf (University of Lincoln)
      • Arabian Peninsula views of IR: A disconnect?
        Author: Sterling Jensen (UAE defense college)
      • The Political Sociology of the International Relations of the Middle East
        Author: Teodora Todorova (University of Warwick)
      • The nexus between Foreign policy and IR in the Middle Eastern context : Indicators of continuity in transition
        Author: Marianna Charountaki (University of Lincoln)
      • The challenges and opportunities of conceptualising International Relations in the contemporary Levant
        Author: Joe Macaron (University of Bath)
    • 10:45 12:15
      Roundtable / COVID 19 and Environmental Rule of Law: One Crisis! One World? Room 2
      Sponsor: International Law and Politics Working Group
      Chair: Dina Hadad (Visiting Fellow)
      Participants: Louna Farhat (Dhofar University) , Darina Mackova (University of Kent)
    • 10:45 12:15
      Panel / Can the world survive? Can we listen to the marginalised? Room 3
      Sponsor: International Relations as a Social Science Working Group
      Convener: Madhan Mohan Jaganathan (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
      Chair: Amitabh Mattoo (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
      Discussant: Marco Vieira (University of Birmingham)
      • Shifting the standpoint from the ivory tower to the marginalised
        Author: Madhan Mohan Jaganathan (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
      • Bringing emancipation to the fore: Can the marginalised reclaim dignity?
        Author: Abhishek Choudhary (University of Delhi)
      • Rethinking marginalisation in International Relations: the ‘new normal’
        Author: Amna Sunmbul (Greenwood High International)
      • Entangling Mental Health in IR: Breaking the Silence and Addressing the Stigmatisation
        Author: Manu Sharma (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
    • 10:45 12:15
      Panel / Polish International Studies Association: The role of the main actors in the Indo – Pacific regional Order. Neoliberal perspective Room 4
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Convener: Edward Haliżak (University of Warsaw)
      Chair: Edward Haliżak (University of Warsaw)
      • China's strategies in the Indo-Pacific region
        Author: Edward Haliżak (University of Warsaw)
      • QUAD in US strategy in the Indo-Pacific region
        Author: Jan Hornat (Charles University)
      • Transatlantic Community vs the Indo– Pacific
        Author: Aleksandra Jarczewska (University of Warsaw)
      • India’s contribution to regional order in the Indo-Pacific: domestic politics and international institutions.
        Author: Jivanta Schottli (Dublin City University)
      • The EU strategy towards Indo-Pacific
        Author: Jakub Zajączkowski (University of Warsaw )
    • 10:45 12:15
      Roundtable / Post-Liberal Statebuilding and Social Ordering in Central Asia and beyond Room 5
      Sponsor: Russian and Eurasian Security Working Group
      Chair: John Heathershaw (University of Exeter)
      Participants: Nargis Nurulla-Khodzhaeva (Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU), Moscow ) , John Heathershaw (University of Exeter) , Anna Kreikemeyer (Institute for Peace and Security Policy Hamburg (IFSH) Hamburg) , Timur Shaikhutdinov (Civic Union “For Reforms and Result”, Bishkek) , Philipp Lottholz (CRC "Dynamics of Security")
    • 12:15 13:15
      Lunch 1h
    • 13:15 14:45
      Roundtable / Brazilian IR and Marxist Research Room 1
      Sponsor: International Relations as a Social Science Working Group
      Chair: Rafael Alexandre Mello (University of Brasilia)
      Participants: Caio Martins Bugiato (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ)) , Pedro Salgado (University of Brasilia (UnB)) , Mariana Davi Ferreira (University of Campinas (Unicamp)) , Maíra Machado Bichir (Federal University for Latin American Integration (UNILA))
    • 13:15 14:45
      Panel / EU Agencies in Transnational Criminal Enforcement Room 2
      Sponsor: European Security Working Group
      Convener: Christian Kaunert (University of South Wales)
      Chair: Jacob Oberg (Orebro University)
      Discussant: Helena Farrand Carrapico (Northumbria University)
      • No More Ransom: Uberization of Europol’s Public-Private Partnership
        Author: Ethem Ilbiz (University of South Wales)
      • The normative justification for having a European FBI
        Author: Jacob Oberg (Orebro University)
      • The Development of Europol’s External Relations: Towards Supranationalism?
        Author: Christian Kaunert (University of South Wales)
    • 13:15 14:45
      Panel / Italian Political Science Association: A renewed interest in the study of Italian foreign policy Room 3
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Convener: Francesca Longo (University of Catania)
      Chair: Francesca Longo (University of Catania)
      • Allies do not back down. A cross-national survey experiment on audience costs among the European publics
        Authors: Pierangelo Isernia (University of Siena) , Francesco Olmastroni (University of Siena) , Sergio Martini (University of Siena)
      • The UE-turn of a populist movement: at the roots of the M5s foreign policy agenda
        Author: Emidio Diodato (University of Perugia)
      • Italian Hybrid Diplomacy
        Author: Raffaele Marchetti (Luiss University)
      • The G20 and Italy in the International System: Keeping Our Dreams Alive?
        Authors: Jason Davidson (University of Mary Washington) , Carla Monteleone (University of Palermo)
    • 13:15 14:45
      Panel / Populism, Turkey and regional politics Room 4
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Convener: Recep Onursal (University of Kent)
      Chair: Vito Morisco (University of Exeter)
      • Ressentiment, status and populism in international relations
        Author: Melike Akkaraca Kose (Universidad de Navarra)
      • The Deradicalisation of Islamists in Central Asia and the Middle East: Case Studies of Tajikistan (1992-1998) and Algeria (1991-2002)
        Author: Vito Morisco (University of Exeter)
      • From Ancient Rome To Ankara: Erdogan’s Catonism
        Author: Caglar Ezikoglu (Cankiri Karatekin University)
      • The Cultural Politics of Lesson-Learning: Historicising Public Inquiries into British Invasions of Iraq, 1917-2016
        Authors: Margot Tudor (Politics Department, University of Exeter) , Owen Thomas (Politics Dept, University of Exeter) , Catriona Pennell (History Dept, University of Exeter)
    • 13:15 14:45
      Panel / Theory, technology and international relations Room 5
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Convener: Anna-Karin Eriksson (Linnaeus University)
      Chair: Bohdana Kurylo (UCL)
      • Feminist historiographies and the memorialization of sexual violence in comfort women activism and analysis
        Author: Anna-Karin Eriksson (Linnaeus University)
      • Tackling Cyber Crime during the Pandemic: An Effort to Save Mankind
        Authors: Shalini Prasad (UNIVERSITY OF DELHI) , Abhay Kumar (University of Delhi)*
      • Marxism and the origins of International Relations
        Author: José Ricardo Villanueva Lira (Universidad del Mar)
    • 13:15 14:45
      Roundtable / Translocal households in the context of Covid19 Room 6
      Sponsor: International Political Economy Working Group
      Chair: Juanita Elias (University of Warwick)
      Participants: Henrice Altink (University of York) , Sara Stevano (SOAS University of London) , Saba Joshi (University of York) , Katherine Brickell (Royal Holloway, University of London) , Juanita Elias (University of Warwick)
    • 15:00 16:30
      Panel / Foreign Policy, World Order Relations and China Room 1
      Sponsor: Foreign Policy Working Group
      Convener: FPWG Working group
      Chair: Marianna Charountaki (University of Lincoln)
      Discussant: Marianna Charountaki (University of Lincoln)
      • Varieties of Hedging: Risk, Threat, and the Rise of Foreign Policy Innovation
        Author: Eun A Jo (Cornell University)
      • An International Adventure Meets a Domestic Quandary— Risks for China’s Belt and Road Initiative due to Domestic Political Economy
        Author: Hongyi Lai (School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham, UK)
      • Equal Distance but not Hedging: Maintaining Equilibrium by Great Britain under US-China Competition
        Author: Mateusz Ambrożek (University of Warsaw)
    • 15:00 16:30
      Panel / Interrogating transnational anti-gender politics Room 2
      Sponsor: Gendering International Relations Working Group
      Conveners: Aiko Holvikivi (LSE) , Tomás Ojeda (London School of Economics and Political Science) , Billy Holzberg (King's College London)
      Chair: Toni Haastrup (University of Stirling)
      • Counter-populist performances of (in)security: Feminist resistance in the face of right-wing populism in Poland
        Author: Bohdana Kurylo (UCL)
      • Thinking from Hanau: The anti-gender politics of right-wing terrorism
        Author: Billy Holzberg (King's College London)
      • Thinking anti-gender politics through a transnational frame
        Authors: Aiko Holvikivi (LSE) , Tomás Ojeda (London School of Economics and Political Science)*
      • Protecting children from homosexual contagion – Anti-gender and the politics of childhood in populist illiberal Hungary
        Author: Dorottya Rédai (Central European University)
      • Anti-gender campaigns and abortion: Feminist strategies against reactionary biopolitics in Chile
        Author: Lieta Vivaldi (Universidad Alberto Hurtado)
    • 15:00 16:30
      Panel / Military Humanitarianism: The Nexus of Humanitarian Impulses and Military Means in the Twentieth Century Room 3
      Sponsor: British International History Working Group
      Convener: Margot Tudor (Politics Department, University of Exeter)
      Chair: Brian Drohan (U.S. Military Academy – West Point)
      Discussant: Fabian Klose (History Department, University of Cologne)
      • Fraught Humanitarian Influences in the Caucasian Borderlands: Investigating Relief Efforts through the Lens of the 1919 American Military Mission to Armenia
        Author: Rose Horswill (U.S. Military Academy – West Point)
      • Waging War in the Name of Peace: The Genesis of UN Peacekeeping, 1946-1955
        Author: Margot Tudor (Politics Department, University of Exeter)
      • Defining Violence and Humanitarian Action: The Language of Ethnic Cleansing Among International Interveners in Bosnia, 1992-1995
        Author: Helen Kennedy (Carleton University)
    • 15:00 16:30
      Panel / Political Theologies and Socio-Political Practices Room 4
      Sponsor: Contemporary Research on International Political Theory Working Group
      Convener: John-Harmen Valk (Leiden University)
      Chair: John-Harmen Valk (Leiden University)
      • Blumenberg, “Residual Needs” and the Political Theology of the International
        Author: John-Harmen Valk (Leiden University)
      • Embodiment and Healing in Indigenous and African Theologies
        Author: Cecelia Lynch (UC Irvine)
      • On the Appeal of Sufi Theoretical-Practical Theology in IR
        Author: Deepshikha Shahi (University of Delhi)
      • Entangled Intellectual Histories and Theologies: Heidegger, Authenticity, and Iran’s Islamic Revolution
        Author: Anahita Arian (Erfurt)
      • Eschatology in World Politics: The Apocalyptic Imaginary and the Problem of Historical Action
        Author: Vassilios Paipais (University of St Andrews)
    • 15:00 16:30
      Roundtable / Re-imagining International Relations: Proposals for building a decolonized discipline Room 5
      Sponsor: Review of International Studies (journal editors only)
      Chair: Maja Zehfuss (Københavns Universitet)
      Participants: Ajay Parasram (Dalhousie University) , Lisa Ann Richey (Copenhagen Business School) , Dana El Kurd (University of Richmond) , Kristina Hinds (The University of the West Indies) , Somdeep Sen (Roskilde University) , Consolata Raphael Sulley (University of Dar es Salaam) , Ilan Kapoor (York University)
    • 15:00 16:30
      Roundtable / The Transformative Potential of Feminist Foreign Policy – Early-Career Scholars’ Perspectives Room 6
      Sponsor: Gendering International Relations Working Group
      Chair: Jamie Hagen (Queen's University Belfast)
      Participants: Bruna Soares de Aguiar (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) , Khushi Singh Rathore (Jawaharlal Nehru University) , Karoline Färber (King’s College London) , Jessica Cheung (Freie Universität Berlin) , Dipti Tamang (Darjeeling Government College,)
    • 16:45 18:15
      Roundtable / ACUNS: Ideas for the 2023 United Nations 'Summit of the Future' Room 1
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Chair: Lise Howard (Georgetown University)
      Participants: Yvan Yenda (Central State University) , Richard Ponzio (Stimson Center) , Nudhara Yusuf (Coalition for the UN We Need)
    • 16:45 18:15
      Panel / Asociación Mexicana de Estudios Internacionales: Pandemics: The Catastrophic Crisis. Transregional governance and the provision of public environmental goods in the Americas Room 2
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Convener: Jessica Lillian De Alba Ulloa (Universidad Anáhuac México)
      Chair: José Ricardo Villanueva Lira (Universidad del Mar)
      • Transregional governance and the provision of public environmental goods in the Americas
        Author: Marcela López-Vallejo (Universidad de Guadalajara)
      • Truth, Post-Truth and Coronavirus: A Challenge to World Order and International Relations
        Author: Alberto Lopez (Universidad del Mar)
      • Constructive, middle, and regional powers: the creation of global governance to address a multidimensional and systemic international crisis
        Author: Jorge A. Schiavon (CIDE)
      • Imagining the world beyond liberalism
        Author: Jessica Lillian De Alba Ulloa (Universidad Anáhuac México)
    • 16:45 18:15
      Panel / Covid-19 and the politics of trauma Room 3
      Sponsor: Post-Structural Politics Working Group
      Conveners: Auchter Jessica (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) , Henrique Tavares Furtado (University of the West of England)
      Chair: Henrique Tavares Furtado (University of the West of England)
      • The securitisation of COVID-19 pandemic - Human biosecurity, new nationalisms and the challenges to EU migration agenda
        Authors: Christian Kaunert (University of South Wales) , Joana Pereira (University of South Wales)*
      • Gendered and Racialized Impacts of Economic Recessions: A comparison of the COVID Pandemic Recession with the Great Recession of 2007-2009 in the US
        Author: Xiao Sun (University of Florida)
      • Trauma and Incomprehensibility: a New Approach
        Authors: Henrique Tavares Furtado (University of the West of England) , Jessica Auchter (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
      • Neoliberalism as Comorbidity: The Political Economy of Latin American Pandemic Responses and Future Trajectories
        Authors: Kevin Funk ( Columbia University) , Sebastián Sclofsky (California State University)
    • 16:45 18:15
      Roundtable / ISA: COVID and the Future of International Studies Room 4
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Chair: Mark Boyer (University of Connecticut)
      Participants: Krisitian Gleditsch (Essex University) , Ruth Blakeley (University of Sheffield) , Cemal Burak Tansel (Newcastle University) , Maria Malksoo (University of Copenhaggen) , Deborah Avant (University of Denver)
    • 16:45 18:15
      Panel / Surviving the post-imperial world: post- and decolonial perspectives to global challenges Room 5
      Sponsor: Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group
      Convener: Sharri Plonski (Queen Mary University of London)
      Chair: Somdeep Sen (Roskilde University)
      • Rio de Janeiro in the (inter)national circuit of tourism
        Author: Caroline Gomes (Master´s student in Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)
      • Decolonial Climates: rethinking the politics of climate change through Inuit art
        Author: Christopher McAteer (York University, Toronto)
      • Decolonizing Activist Research: Ethical and Epistemological Considerations in Research with Communities of Color and Indigenous Communities
        Author: Hannah El Silimy (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
      • #IndiaStandsWithIsrael: Digital, participatory, transnational militarism on Indian Twitter during Israel’s May 2021 assault on Gaza
        Authors: Derek Verbakel (York University) , Angshuman Choudhury (Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi)
      • The Game of Climate Blame
        Authors: Mohnish Mohammad (Jamia Millia Islamia) , Rehana Manzoor (Jawaharlal Nehru University)*
    • 16:45 18:15
      Roundtable / UACES: How can European Studies survive? Room 6
      Sponsor: Conference/Management
      Chair: Helena Farrand Carrapico (Northumbria University)
      Participants: Ben Farrand (-) , Maxine David (-) , Toni Haastrup (University of Stirling) , Richard Whitman (-) , Ben Martill (-)