BISA European Security Working Group 6th Annual Workshop


The 6th workshop of the BISA European Security Working Group addresses Europe’s role in the world and its ability to act in security and defence in the 21st century. With the drafting – and soon the publication – of the Strategic Compass of the EU and the new Strategic Concept of NATO, Europe as a whole is adapting to the changing threat landscape and new emerging challenges. With the rise of China, the enduring tensions with Russia, the lack of trust in the Euro-Atlantic security community as well as on-going crisis management operations across the globe, Europe is re-orienting itself and seeking to strengthen its capacities and capabilities. Notions such as “strategic autonomy”, “strategic sovereignty” and “capability to act” have recently dominated the discourse. With Europe’s engagement in Africa, Central Asia and now also in the Indo-Pacific, European states and institutions seek to position themselves in the world. During this workshop, we therefore wish to discuss different perspectives on Europe’s global outreach through a multitude of theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches.

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