'Drivers of Armed Conflict, Insecurity and Terrorism in West Africa: The Need to Rethink International and State Responses’


This event is part of a series of free events open to global scholars and interested parties from the global south made possible through sponsorship.

This panel seeks to interrogate the drivers of armed conflict in West Africa with the aim of rethinking how states and the international communities respond to the issue. Insecurity and Terrorism constitute issues of global concern. The Institute of Economic and Peace Global Terrorism Index Report suggest that group such as Boko Haram constitute the fourth deadly terrorist groups in the world and in 2019 alone the group was responsible for the death of 2040 people amounting to 9% of the death from terrorism globally. Boko Haram was also responsible for the displacement of approximately 2.4 million people people in Nigeria and neighbouring countries. Hence highlighting a need to demystify the drivers of armed conflict, insecurity and terrorism. The panel will also seek to explore states responses to terrorism in terms of their success and areas of limitations. It will also examine the role of the international community in addressing terrorism and its effect globally.


  • Dr Jacob Zenn (Georgetown University, USA)
  • Dr Iro Aghedo (University of Benin, Nigeria)
  • Dr Dung Jidong (Manchester Global Foundation)


  • Dr Tarela Ike (Teeside University)


  • Dr Dele Kogbe (University of South Wales)
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