Explorative workshop 'Worlding from South East Europe, remaking International Relations'




The discipline of International Relations is often described as Eurocentric and has been negligent of standpoints outside the Global North and the West. Scholars of South East Europe (SEE) have responded to this problem in a myriad of ways: by highlighting the contributions and developments of the discipline in the region; challenging the ways that foundational concepts like Europeanisation and justice are understood from the vantage point of SEE; and excavating the ways in which the region has been (mis)used in the discipline.

In this workshop, we aim to build on this critical scholarship by highlighting methodologically, conceptually, and topically innovative interventions that engage in what is traditionally understood as area studies. To that end, we invite contributions that aim to rethink International Relations in and from SEE, broadly understood. 

For enquiries, please contact seewg.group@bisa.ac.uk.

Registration will close two hours before the event begins.

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