The future of UK space




The Astropolitics Working Group (AWG) invites you to a round table on the future of the UK in space. In post-Brexit Britain, the government promised a new dawn for the space sector in the UK. Although the UK was not able to retain its position in European space programmes following its departure from the EU, the strength of the UK space sector suggested that this was an area in which Britain could flourish alone. Seeking to specialise in small launches, the UK Space Agency and private enterprises have worked together to create a forward looking, future-proof space sector.


To discuss this, we are delighted to welcome speakers from industry and from the regulatory side of the space sector to provide an insight into current discussions in the UK:


Katherine Courtney – (ex) UK Space Agency

Sue Kee – AAC Clyde Space

Alan Thompson – Skyrora

David Shaw – Civil Aviation Authority

The agenda of this meeting is empty