After May 14: The future of Turkish democracy




This event has been made free to all in solidarity with colleagues affected by the recent events in Turkey and Syria.


This is part of a series of events this year by BISA's International Studies of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia Working Group. The event aims to obtain insights from renowned scholars and experts of Turkish politics. The results of the elections will determine the president of Türkiye and the parliamentary members. While the current ruling party, Justice and Development Party, cooperated with nationalist and conservative bloc of parties, the main opposition, Republican People’s Party, took a mediator lead in cooperation with six diverse sets of political views. This was one of the most critical elections in Türkiye’s democratic history and the most contradictory alliances were also held during the campaign era.


The following four speakers will examine the recent elections in Türkiye on 14 May: Galip Dalay, Associate Fellow at Chatham House; Kadir Ustun, Executive Director of The SETA Foundation at Washington DC; Selvin Seren Korkmaz, Executive Director of Istanpol Institute; Mesut Yegen, Professor of Sociology.

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