New trends in the study of Foreign Policy in Europe




Please note this is in Central European Time (CET).


This roundtable situates its argument within the current study on Foreign Policy in Europe and the extent to which it is able to catch new and ongoing trends and phenomena. Participants will stress several aspects and perspectives. Attention will be devoted to Non-State Actors (NSAs), broadly defined either as subversive actors, civil society organisations and unaccomplished state entities; to how bias can affect investigations on Foreign Policy in sensitive policy fields (e.g. migration), and to theorise FP in non-Western areas of the world.


This hybrid roundtable has been organised by the BISA Foreign Policy Working Group and EISA, and is part of the annual conference of the Italian Standing Group on International Relations.


Carla Monteleone (University of Palermo)


Valeria Bello (Blanquerna University)
Marianna Charountaki (Lincoln University)
Daniela Irrera (University of Catania)
Matteo Dian (University of Bologna)

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