Piecing the peace together: hybridization processes and the local


Please note that this event takes place at 2.45pm London UK time which is 4.45pm Fénérive-Est, Madagascar time.


This fireside chat entitled 'Conceptualizing the Local: A South-North Dialogue' convenes scholars representing both Southern and Northern perspectives to engage in an intellectually stimulating discourse on comprehending and delineating "the local." The primary objective of this fireside chat is to bridge the divide between distinct academic traditions and knowledge systems by facilitating an inclusive and dynamic exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Participants will undertake a critical analysis and deconstruction of conceptual frameworks employed in their respective contexts to conceptualize the local. Through this interregional discussion, the fireside chat endeavours to challenge established paradigms, shed light on diverse perspectives, and discern commonalities and discrepancies in the understanding of the local within various cultural, socio-political, and geographical settings.


This hybrid event is brought to you by the University of Reading, ESRC, Hybricon, ISTRCE, University of Toamasina, and BISA, in collaboration with: ARAKE, American corner, ISCAM, Studio Sifaka, Politikon, Cambridge Review of International Relations, Palgrave, Dara Azael, and Orange Madagascar. 



Mark Barrow, University of Cambridge



Sanet Solomon, University of South Africa/ Politikon: The IAPSS Journal of Political Science

Matthew Beck Gordon, The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

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