US Foreign Policy Working Group Annual Conference

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London

Bancroft Building, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS.

Age of Antagonism: US Foreign Policy in an Era of Strategic Rivalry and Great Power Competition


The theme of the 2023 US Foreign Policy Working Group Conference is the role of the United States in an era of strategic competition, reflecting key themes of the Biden administration’s 2021 Interim Strategic Guidance and the 2022 National Security Strategy of the United States. Panels, papers and roundtables will address the role of the United States in response to the Russo-Ukrainian War, long-term political, economic, and military competition with China, the future of economic engagement, the challenges posed to US foreign policy by the rise of nationalist populism and the aftermath of the January 6th Capitol riot, as well as the revitalization of NATO and US alliances and partnerships under President Biden following on from Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ stance. To this effect, the conference seeks to attract high-profile academic and non-academic keynote speakers and participants from the United States to facilitate and promote a stimulating exchange of thoughts on the nature of American leadership in international politics.


Please note that the conference is only open to speakers/participants.


There is an optional conference dinner on the evening of 14 September. If you would like to attend please choose the relevant ticket when registering; the prices for the dinner are as follows:

Members and non-member: £50
ECR members and non-members: £25


The deadline for registration is 1 August 2023.

The agenda of this meeting is empty