Terrorism, counter-terrorism, and the permissibility of violence


The Critical Studies on Terrorism sub-discipline was created as a critical response to narratives of the Global War on Terror, to interrogate the ‘productions and constructions of terrorism’ and the violence that is perpetrated to counter it. In light of the current state and non-state violence, occurring in Gaza/Israel, we want to re-open this conversation and reflect on the discursive power of the category ‘terrorism’ and the violence it permits in response to it. Following the recent attack by Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation in several countries, unprecedented levels of state violence have been legitimised and justified - violence which the UN has warned runs the risk of constituting acts of ethnic cleansing. Internationally, a broad use of the term ‘terrorism’ is being used to curtail freedoms of speech, expressions of solidarity and the right to protest, confirming previous warnings by the UN Special Rapporteur on Counter Terrorism and Human Rights. This roundtable discussion brings together scholars at this important moment for a conversation on the different framings of terrorism that permeate national and international discussion on Gaza and Israel.

This is a joint roundtable event with BRISMES (British Society for Middle Eastern Studies).

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