Next research directors' forum


The BISA Directors of Research forum brings together colleagues responsible for research leadership in a spirit of collegiality to discuss our varied experiences in the sector. Our shared understanding is that as leaders we have a duty of care to our colleagues at all levels across the discipline and that many of the challenges we face can best be met through cooperation rather than competition.


The forum therefore helps to: 1) coordinate responses to collective challenges in the sector (for example our response to initiatives like REF); 2) share ideas and examples of best practice in our respective institutions, particularly where we can make progress toward a more inclusive and supportive discipline for all of us to work and flourish in. In doing so, it furthers BISA's overarching aim "to represent and support the scholarly community of academics, students and others working in International Studies and related disciplines."


The forums are held 3 times a year and are currently chaired by Alex Beresford (University of Leeds). We are open to all colleagues - whether BISA members or not - across the disciplines of IR, Politics, Area Studies, and Development Studies. 

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