Emotions in Politics and IR Working Group virtual reading group: 'The Affect Theory Reader 2'


The Emotions in Politics and IR Working Group are hosting a virtual book reading group on 'The Affect Theory Reader 2: Worldings, Tensions, Futures’, edited by Gregory J. Seigworth and Carolyn Pedwell (Duke University Press, 2023). This recently published volume revisits conceptualizations of affect, address omissions (e.g., race, indigeneity, decoloniality), and explore the potentialities of affect studies by embracing diverse perspectives, critical debates, and various world-building approaches.


Our first book reading session will feature an introductory talk by the editors, Professor Gregory J. Seigworth (Millersville University) and Professor Carolyn Pedwell (University of Kent). They will discuss key connections and highlights from the chapters.


We encourage participants to read the “Introduction: A Shimmer of Inventories” (Seigworth and Pedwell 2023) in advance.


Please send any enquiries to epir.group@bisa.ac.uk

Registration will close two hours before the event begins.

The agenda of this meeting is empty